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White Lotus Jade Crystal Comb

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Jade Crystal Comb - Natural Chemical Free Crystal for Silky soft Hair

This is true elegance and absolutely in a class of its own.  The crystal stone goes through the hair in a glide like manner untangling  each piece of hair with its radiant soft texture.  As it glides across your acupuncture points you are sure to experience a well being like never before.  You can rest assured that you will be getting a one of a kind comb cut from jade stones.  To top it off it will arrive in it's own magnificent box ("White Lotus Signature silk lined") that allows you to give it as a gift to the most favorable people on your list.

The Pure Jade Luxury Crystal Comb for Silky Soft Hair has been a staple in the Chinese culture and is more precious than any gold offering you may receive.  Originally hailed as a "Gun sha comb," the uses were to focus on the heads acupressure points to offer a health benefit and to create silk flowing hair.  This comb would fit perfectly in anyone's daily regime of hair styling. It is also great for body combing to stimulate the acupressure points of the body

Natural untreated one piece jade is the makeup of the comb making it truly an incredible piece of art.  Only those experienced in crystal carving create the elegant unique pieces of artwork.  Your most wealthy, prestigious friends, family and loved ones would be honored to accept such a gift that comes finely packed in a box that is lined of the finest white pure silk available.  The box is also able to double as storage to hold your comb.

The tops of our heads have 12 main areas of acupuncture channels according to the "Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view."  As you go across them gently with your Pure Jade comb, you are arousing these points and enhancing your wellbeing.  Utilizing one of these combs is a long Chinese tradition that focuses on keeping your hair radiant and shining.  As TCM goes, "the hair represents the health of the Kidneys, Jing and the quality of blood.

"These combs have continued and will continue having a place in the hair regime due to the beautiful design and their practicality.This White Lotus product is safe and traditional using the methods from Asia that have been in use for many centuries.  To promote safety, vigorous research is conducted to ensure that only safe and effective herbal ingredients are used.  Each comb carries an independent certification that reinforces our commitment to you with our promises.  No harsh sulfates are in any of the products. 

White Lotus products are not only safe for skin absorption but also for oral consumption.  There are zero petroleum paraffin oils, any products from animals and NO GMO's regardless the kind!

The Pure Jade Luxury Crystal Comb for Silky Soft Hair is not only luxurious and prestigious, it is excellent for your health.

Originally designed for therapists, our Jade Gua Shas are strong enough to endure intensive salon use which makes them last even longer for home use.