White Lotus Amethyst Crystal Comb

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Amethyst Crystal Comb - Natural Chemical Free Crystal for Silky soft Hair

Crystal combs come from the Far East. In the medieval times, combing the hair was more of a tranquil ritual, that which women used to engage in as means of relaxation and recovery.

Crystal combs are designed to nourish the hair, rather than just straightening them. In medieval times, people believed that crystal combs carry the property of improving the qi energy of hairs. As a result of this, the circulation of blood would improve in the scalp.

During ancient times. Such combs were used on the skin along with the hair in order to improve the blood circulation. Belief in the therapeutic properties of crystal combs was very prevalent during that time.

Amethyst is a crystal that is said to be a protector, both in terms of energy and as a charm that works against injury. The belief in its charms was even held more recently, as during the middle ages.

Amethyst is said to have a deep association with the third eye and is said to encourage clear thoughts with mind-calming effects.

In ancient times, the Egyptians and the Romans used to associate this crystal with royalty and wealth.

Associating this crystal with royalty and wealth, ancient Egyptians and Romans used to believe that it can reduce stress and improve the business situations/problems.

The use of the comb is encouraged in the form of a ritual, for the greatest benefit. In this regard, users are advised to take some deep breaths and to focus deeply on stroking the comb through the hair very gently. Such a simple task could turn into a life-changing ritual if done regularly. All in all, it will allow the user to regain his/her energy and strength, to spend a tough day ahead.

The tops of our heads have 12 main areas of acupuncture channels according to the "Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view."  As you go across them gently with your Pure Amethyst comb, you are arousing these points and enhancing your wellbeing.  Utilizing one of these combs is a long Chinese tradition that focuses on keeping your hair radiant and shining.  As TCM goes, "the hair represents the health of the Kidneys, Jing and the quality of blood.

"These combs have continued and will continue having a place in the hair regime due to the beautiful design and their practicality.This White Lotus product is safe and traditional using the methods from Asia that have been in use for many centuries.  To promote safety, vigorous research is conducted to ensure that only safe and effective herbal ingredients are used.  Each comb carries an independent certification that reinforces our commitment to you with our promises.  No harsh sulfates are in any of the products. 

White Lotus products are not only safe for skin absorption but also for oral consumption.  There are zero petroleum paraffin oils, any products from animals and NO GMO's regardless the kind!

The Amethyst Luxury Crystal Comb for Silky Soft Hair is not only luxurious and prestigious, it is excellent for your health.

Originally designed for therapists, our Crystal Products are strong enough to endure intensive salon use which makes them last even longer for home use.