White Lotus 100% Pure Silk Pillowcase - White

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All-Natural Mulberry Silk to Improve Your Sleep and to Fight Wrinkles

HIGHEST QUALITY  Made from Luxurious 19-momme 100% Charmeuse Mulberry Silk - designed by our INTERNATIONALLY FAMOUS Anti-Aging Clinic

PERFECT COMFORT  Mild and tender on the delicate eye skin.

ANCIENT TRADITION  Keep wrinkles at bay using an ancient Eastern beauty secret used in our pillow case. It is made of 100-percent natural silk. Silk has long been proven to possess Age-Prevention Properties for your hair & skin. PROTEINS OF SILK ARE PROVEN TO INCREASE SKIN REGENERATION, IMPROVE HYDRATION OF THE SKIN, AND PREVENT MOISTURE LOSS (1,2)

PERFECT MATCH – Choose from any colour – from pearl grey to white – to coordinate with your bedroom and sheets colours. 

LIGHT BLACKOUT - Blacks out any light completely, for that perfect beauty sleep.

Comprehend the meaning of the words "beauty sleep" on a deeper level with our Unique White Lotus 100%-Silk pillow case. For centuries, known in Ancient Eastern Cultures as a beauty secret, silk is a natural way of wrinkle prevention. During your sleep, your skin loses moisture through the night. This pillow case made of a 100% Mulberry silk will eliminate that moisture loss during the night hours, giving your skin firmness and tone while diminishing wrinkles around your face. And because it’s made from the thickest, most luxurious silk money can buy, it will give you the ideal sleep you only dreamed about your whole life! Machine-washable, at cold temperatures up to 30 C, for your convenience.

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  • Measures 10cm high and 22cm across.
  • 100% Machine washable.
  • Made from the finest Mulberry silk 19 momme – Long Lasting

Expert Advisor to the BABTAC beauty association and the international cosmetic industry. 

Author of Internationally best selling book and DVD ‘Holistic Microneedling’.

The unique techniques developed in Australia in the first specialist skin needling clinic in the southern hemisphere 

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