Traditional Chinese Cupping - Face


Small Body Cupping for Facial Massage 

  • Clinic grade silicon with life time guarantee with normal home use.
  • 1,000s of Years of proven use.
  • Increase microcirculation and Break up old connective tissue.
  • Full Instructions Included.
  • Beautiful gift box.
  • Available individually for Face or Body- simply select your preference.

  • The White Lotus Massage Therapy Cups are made of high grade silicon. The silicon is ideal as it can simply be pinched to create the vacuum required to stick the cups to the skin. Unlike a traditional glass Chinese cupping set you do not need a live flame, which can be dangerous. The silicon cupping sets also do not chip unlike glass so will never damage the skin. Another type of Chinese Cupping Kit is made from plastic with an attached pump which is time consuming and inconsistent in effect. These are hard to use at home and tend to break quickly with regular clinic use.

    The White Lotus silicon cup is so easy to use as you simply squeeze and place the cup on the skin. The cups come in 2 different sizes. The small silicone facial massage cup is ideal for the smaller areas on the face. The larger cup is designed as a anti cellulite massager and stretch marks massager. The silicone cups are also very strong and come with a lifetime guarantee with normal home use. They are delivered in a beautiful monogrammed box. They make a beautiful, thoughtful gift.

    Cupping massage has been used in China for over 1,000 years. There are also records of cupping treatments on the walls of ancient monuments in Egypt. It is traditionally used to relieve pain and other disorders as well as for cosmetic use. The earliest records of the use of Chinese suction cups discuss the use of bamboo cups. A flame was used to create the vacuum and allow the cup to stick to the skin. The cup was then either left in place or slid across the area with the use of a little oil.
    Traditionally when used to relieve pain on the back or limbs the cups are left in place reating the marks on the back that celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and athletes such as Michael Phelps have made famous. When using the smaller cups on the face however moving cupping is employed in which the massaging cups are slid gently across the face.

    This creates a gentle relaxing facial massage and helps improve the appearance of the skin. No marks are left on the face with moving cupping which is important for regular use.

    The cups can be used either moving or stationary on the thighs. Still cups create stronger stimulation and can be used in winter when the marks are less likely to be seen.

    For many years it was believed that cup massage simply worked in the much the same way as a normal massage by increasing local circulation to aid nutrition to the area.

    Recent research has suggested that Chinese massage cups may actually break up old connective tissue in the area (1). Tightening of connective tissue is one of the main causes of the changes in facial shape we associate with ageing. By improving this cupping therapy can not only improve the texture and colour of the skin by dramatically increasing circulation it may also reduce the overall signs of ageing in the face.

    The White Lotus massage cupping cups can are made to clinical standard and can be used to for years in even the busiest clinics without problem. They are also so simply to use that they can be used easily at home. Each silk lined box contains full instructions for use.


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