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Sleep Bundle

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Mulberry Silk Eye Mask- White Lotus

Mulberry Silk Pillow Case - White Lotus

Power Pro Illuminating Sleep Oil - MSKIN

With a 100% natural Mulberry Silk Eye Mask that soothes the skin while you sleep. It's anti-aging fibres provide a light black out, increase skin rejuvenation and prevent hydration loss overnight.

A 100% natural Mulberry Silk Pillow Case to delicately caress your skin while you sleep. Rest your head on a well-deserved refreshing and anti-aging pillow case - that fights wrinkles while you sleep. Lay down in the luxury you deserve with our pillow case, proven to improve skin repair in your slumber.

AND a rejuvenation and repair sleep oil. It soothes, protects & nourishes your skin as you sleep. Suppling the skin with vital natural moisture factors, lipids, potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal benefits, letting you wake up with that baby fresh feeling every morning.


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