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She's Pure Clear Quartz Crystal Bowl


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Our Petite Clear Quartz Crystal bowls are hand selected and perfect for mixing your serums, face masks & skincare, holding & charging your crystal jewels, or burning palo santo.

Clear quartz resonates with amplifying any energy for intention, enabling you to find your ultimate potential at all stages of life, it is infused with purpose which is especially helpful when you have some important decisions to make. 

This all powerful crystal is known as the master healer, Clear Quartz brings harmony to your chakras, sending them back into balance. Clear Quartz will support you with clarity.

Another reason why we love our Clear Quartz is that it amplifies your personal energy, which can be useful in times when you need an instant lift or spark, it will also help to protect your energy draining from certain people or situations. 

Clear Quartz is the crystal for

  • Healing your chakras 
  • Supporting your goals 
  • Achieving clarity  
  • Increasing your personal energy

Included: 1 Single Clear Quartz Crystal bowl 
Dimensions: Approx Length: 5cm Approx Height: 2cm

Please note: as our crystal are natural beauties, each crystal may vary slightly in size & clarity.