Desk Bundle

$100.00 AUD $120.00 AUD


The perfect addition to your work or creative space.

We've done the thinking and the discounting for you!

We've sorted your presents this year with the perfect bundle of unexpected gifts. 



Form Candle of your choice - She is Jolie 

Gua Sha - White Lotus 

Hydration Nano Mist Spray - MSKIN 

With a hydration spray to fight the days nasties from soaking into your pores, and keeping that shower fresh feeling all day long.

A de-stressing face massager to release all the tension in your face and décolletage. When these muscles aren't relaxed, they send signals to your brain that release chemicals causing stress and anxiety.

AND a uniquely mesmerising candle. A beautiful scent to fill the room paired with an eye-catching figure that turns any desk from boring to special.


Don't worry about thinking or deciding the best gift.

You get a beautiful variety.

Receive a large discount!

And get an unexpected yet INCREDIBLE present perfect for any loved one.