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With over 30 years in the professional beauty industry, Esthemax have worked hard to be distinguished for high-quality, innovative, and trend-setting products. 

Esthemax are most well known for their peel off mask ranges only available to certified Skin Clinics & Spas internationally. Until now, they have released their latest Hydrojelly Mask range in a retail version. 

Whilst Esthemax has always been a premium & popular choice in the Professional Beauty Industry it wasnt until the development of the Hydrojelly range which has seen Celebrity Facialists along with their Celebrity guests flaunting the product on instagram. Some recent pics of Kim Kardashian, Hailey Beiber & Winnie Harlow to name a few can be found all over instagram. 

With the endorsement of Celebrity Facialists & their Celebrity entourage, it's very clear the Hydrojelly range is by far the most instagrammable mask on social media that is also professional quality. 

Not only are the masks packed with nourishing actives but also new electrolyte technology. In addition to specific skin concerns the entire range targets hydration & water levels within the skin which tends to be an underlying condition in all skin concerns. 

With so much brand new technology in the cosmetic chemistry makeup of these masks you wouldn't expect they are also formulated with the highest ethical values including:

  • Animal friendly 
  • Eco friendly & biodegradable packaging 
  • Certified organic ingredients where possible 

Which we LOVE because the She's Pure team is all about conscious companies using sustainable ingredients & packaging. 

The She's Pure Team would like to welcome the Esthemax hydrojelly range.

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